Breaking Down The Starting Rotation For The Red Sox

Breaking Down The Starting Rotation For The Red Sox

Any Boston Red Sox preview for the 2015 season focuses on the somewhat questionable starting rotation for the franchise. After going out and spending a good amount of money to improve one of the worst offenses from a year ago, they really did not do much to address the staff. There is always a chance that they shake up things in the middle of the season, but to start the campaign, they are expecting a lot out of their 5 starters. Here’s a closer look at the rotation right now.

Rick Porcello and Clay Buchholz are looked at as the 2 anchors for the pitching rotation right now. Both should be able to have pretty solid seasons in fantasy baseball 2015, but they don’t jump out as true ace pitchers. If the Boston Red Sox want to win their 2nd World Series in 3 years, one of these guys will need to take over as the go-to performer. Buchholz has been in Boston’s rotation his entire career, but taking that next step is something he will need to prove he can accomplish.

Wade Miley comes over from Arizona to slot in as a middle of the rotation arm. His numbers for Arizona are pretty solid for the most part, although his ERA has gone up an additional run since his breakout year in 2012. Boston is hoping that with a better team surrounding him, Miley can return to that level.

Rounding out the rotation right now is Justin Masterson and Joe Kelly. In a way, these 2 guys are pretty similar. They started their career with the Boston Red Sox, and they spend time with St. Louis in 2014. Now, they are returning to Beantown for a bit of a 2nd chance. Masterson has been very good at times, But he is someone who relies on location quite a bit. If he leaves the ball up, he becomes one of the most hittable pitchers in the game.

Until trade rumors become a reality, this is the pitching rotation Boston will be going with in 2015. It does not look particularly intimidating on paper, but that could always change it one or 2 guys find a way to step up. Boston still looks like a legitimate contender in the American League East, but this rotation might not be enough to win the World Series.

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