NFL Week 17 Power Rankings: Patriots and Seahawks as top teams

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings: Patriots and Seahawks as top teams

With only one game to go, the NFL is now primed for the postseason. At the moment, it is much easier to predict the final outcome and determine the teams that will make it to the postseason playoffs. Some of the teams that have been formidable this season and which top the power rankings are the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

This is the time of year where buying tickets for NFL games can get tough as the playoff push is ending and stars are made.

The Patriots

The Patriots have an average of 1.8 points across four of the major NFL ranking sites including ESPN, NFL and CBN. However, they had to work hard on Sunday to overcome the stubborn New York Jets. The Jets seemed determined to down the Patriots and dent their playoff chances. It was the gritty determination from the Patriots rookies that gave them the narrow 17-16 victory. After the hard fought victory, the Patriots now stand at 12-3, an impressive record in deed. The Jets went down fighting. The victory was very crucial in ensuring that they top most power rankings. However, it wasn’t the Patriots alone who struggled against the 2014 NFL’s strugglers. Other bigwigs too had it rough against their seemingly weaker opponents.

The Patriots sign off with a week 17 game against Buffalo Bills. Being the hosts, and in their current imperious form, there is no doubt the Bills will have a mountain to surmount. The Patriots have now escaped the first round of the playoffs.

The Seahawks

After week sixteen, the Seattle Seahawks are the NFC top seed. The consensus power rankings have retained them in the second position. They have an average of 1.5 points from the four major sites. They had a chance to move up the ranks to the top position had the Patriots lost their game. Unfortunately for them, they have to be contented with the second position despite winning heavily against the Arizona Cardinals. The 35-6 win only cemented them in their current position. However, the Seahawks still have a chance to secure the NFC West and escape the first round of postseason playoffs if they win their week 17 game against the St Louis Rams. The Rams are not at their best and it is almost certain that the Seahawks will prevail against them. Both the Patriots shouldn’t underrate their week 17 opponents, lest they get surprises.

Elsewhere, the Dallas Cowboys had to dig deep to overcome the Colts 42-7 to retain their third position on the rankings. This means the Colts moved down the rankings and are most likely to play in the postseason first round. They have their work cut out in their week 17 game against the Washington Redskins.

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