Time for the Patriots to Go Fish

Time for the Patriots to Go Fish

Welp, that was ugly.

For the first time in 11 seasons, the New England Patriots lost the season opener and it was all done in the second half by the unlikely Miami Dolphins.

Going into halftime, the lead was a comfy 20-10, though most of that was off of Miami’s own fumbling and bumbling.

The Patriots proved to a be a bit one-dimensional in the season opener with Shane Vereen and Julian Edelman combining for a whopping 57 yards on the ground leaving Brady to go 29-for-56 for 249 yards and 1 TD (GRONK SPIKE RETURNS!).

The Dolphins ran the table in the second half scoring 23 points to New England’s zero with 222 yards to 67… Wow.New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

Now, I know this was a big time game for the gamblers but if you visited SportsBettingInfo.com and dropped some money on this one, the good news is you have a whole season to make it back! Many office pools also resemble March Madness brackets this morning with the red streak across New England.

Luckily the reports this morning have Tom Brady nixing the bearded look after the loss, having put his stadium sponsor back in business at the Brady household. The ladies are happy, I’m sure his chin-strap is happy, and anything that can make Brady feel different than he did on Sunday is ok in my book.

The worst part of it all was that we saw what we have all come to know of Brady in the bowels of the second half. When the going gets tough, the Brady of late seems to peter out and throw away the ball on four downs and then hit the sidelines with a “I’m better than this” look on his face. And it’s true. He is better than this. But it’s what we’ve come to know. New England gives him more than his fair share of credit and he needs to live up to it.

Moving on to Week 2, with that unfamiliar “0-1” next to their name, will pit Brady up against his old backup, Matt Cassell in Minnesota. Unlike in Minneapolis, Patriots fans are not kosher with mediocrity and the record had best even out after Sunday’s tilt or it’s going to prove to be a long Fall and even longer Winter in the cold northeastern region of the US.

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