Doc Rivers returns for another season with Celtics

Doc Rivers returns for another season with Celtics

It has been confirmed by President of basketball operations, Danny Ainge that Celtics Head coach, Doc Rivers will be returning to the sidelines for his 10th season with the team. Rivers has 3 years left on his contract and although he annually takes a period off to decompress and clear his mind before deciding whether to return, it seems that once again he has made the decision to stick with the team.doc and danny

Danny Ainge’s confirmation is based on the fact that Rivers has already discussed strategies and play for next season, so there’s no chance the popular coach will be leaving any time soon. Ainge is currently in Chicago at the 2013 NBA Draft combine and Rivers should have joined him, but he suffered a badly pulled ham string in a game of tennis after the season concluded and wasn’t able to make it. Rivers return is at least one certain aspect of the teams offseason, but it also heralds some big changes for the Celtics on the court.

Between Rivers and Ainge they have to decide what the future holds for Paul Pierce. Pierce has one year left on his $15.3 million contract but he could be bought out by the end of June for $5 million. It’s hard to imagine the Celtics without Pierce as “The Truth” has been part of the squad for nearly 15 years. Some have wondered if its time he retire and sit back and relax, play some golf or enjoy playing casino games at the best iPhone casinos at , but his legendary status makes it hard to consider a game without him. He may end up staying, be traded or even waived but it’s a tough decision that Rivers and Ainge are surely going to agonize over. He could raise a reasonable return as the option to buy him out is even more attractive than his skills, but seeing him in another team’s colors would be the end of an exceptional era.

It’s good news that Rivers will be returning to Boston, but there are some big changes coming the team’s way and he will have to meet the offseason challenges head on.

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