Celtic Pride

Celtic Pride

On Sunday afternoon, while the Celtics gutted out a double overtime win against the Miami Heat on national television, news broke about the season-ending torn ACL for Rajon Rondo.

The announcing team seemed to thrive off of the fact that they and the viewers all knew and the team didn’t. Only coaches were supposedly filled in during the game but the players were left in the dark. Watching Paul Pierce’s on-court interview after the win, he had a legitimately shocked look on his face when he was told of the injury (surely how the team wanted Pierce to find out) was a rare innocent look into an otherwise cocky exterior.

Now, all Rondo can do is sit on the bench for the remainder of the year and hold out to bet on March Madness once the time rolls around. We can really only hope that he will continue to travel with the team and embrace his leadership role off the court as he more-often-than-not did on the court. Hopefully Red Bull makes some sweet suits.

There is now a solid argument to be made about where the Celtics go from here. On one hand, EVERYONE as of Sunday morning was reporting that trades were imminent, no one was safe, etc etc etc. Now, somehow, post Rondo injury, Doc is saying “You can write the obituary; I’m not,” and everyone wants to rally behind Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Somehow, the fanbase of the green has started to turn. The arguments have been made that the Celtics will be better as currently constructed without Rondo. The team will focus on defense more with Rondo out is apparently the thought.

There is obviously no right answer to what the Celtics should do. What they shouldn’t have done was trade Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green but that’s in hindsight!

Should the Celtics approach this reset season similarly to the way the Indianapolis Colts looked at the Peyton Manning season? Do you let what happens happen and take the lottery pick if it is there and hope to rebuild? Trade off key pieces on this years team and rebuild for next year? They say trades for rentals are not what they once were.

Or do the 2012-2013 Celtics need to stay where they are and plan a push? Sure that leaves for an unsteady future but at this point, it’s about not falling off the map, right?

As for Doc Rivers, he seems to be pretty set on continuing with what he has.

“You can write the obituary; I’m not,” Rivers said. “You can go ahead, but I’m not. We won tonight and so, the way I look at it is, we’re going to stay in there. In my opinion, we’re going nowhere.”

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