Nat Geo Featuring Andrew Ference “Beyond the Puck”

Nat Geo Featuring Andrew Ference “Beyond the Puck”

Everyone is familiar with National Geographic and may know that they have somewhat recently re-branded themselves as “Nat Geo”. All I know is that every time I scroll through the TV guide menu, I see something on their that sounds fascinating, I click, and I don’t get the channel.

However, the web is wide open and Nat Geo is hosting a 10-episode web series which will glimpse into the Eco-friendly life of one of our favorite Boston Bruin defenseman, Andrew Ference, called “Beyond the Puck”. The show premiers TODAY, Thursday February 16th.

Here’s a little blurb from the site:

Andrew Ference, an eco-warrior and NHL hockey player, offers a rare glimpse into his sustainable lifestyle in the new 10-episode web series Beyond the Puck.

But he is not your typical hockey player. Andrew’s an environmental activist, a Stanley Cup champion, the husband of a former professional snowboarder, and father of two girls. He rides his bike to “work” and doesn’t mind being called a tree hugger — he’s just as comfortable checking opponents on the ice as he is teaching kids about composting in elementary schools.

Inspired by his friend, environmentalist David Suzuki, Andrew has embraced an eco-friendly way of life at home and on the road. He’s achieved the ultimate victory in hockey — winning the Stanley Cup — and is ready take on the challenge of inspiring others to care about the planet.

I definitely plan on checking this series out and I don’t think I could urge you enough to. Though I know Bruins fans are dedicated enough to their team to watch without me!


Photo (attached): Taking the Stanley Cup for a Bike Ride Photograph by National Geographic Channel Following tradition, Andrew gets to spend his day with the Stanley Cup. Players often take the cup to their hometowns, but Andrew decided to lead a parade through Boston on his bicycle.

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