The Great $160,257,476 Fraud, Your Boston Red Sox

The Great $160,257,476 Fraud, Your Boston Red Sox

Baseball is done for the year in Boston and no one is surprised.

When I thought about it, I once did this post for the Patriots and looking back, it looks like I have not been able to force myself to write another one on that team since. Good sign! Luckily, I have never felt for the Patriots as I do below for the Red Sox today.


There are so many words to describe Red Sox fans’ emotion after last night’s Hollywood collapse. Winning only a third of their games in September, losing a nine game lead in the Wild Card, and doing so in epic fashion while dropping a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the ninth with your closer on the mound WHILE the team you are fighting for the spot with is down 7-0 against the New York Minor League Yankees, is no big deal, RIGHT?!

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While most of Boston spent the evening switching between both the Red Sox-Orioles and Yankees-Rays games, something about it never seemed right. Red Sox Nation was rooting for the Empire. Ryan Lavarnway was batting in the five hole. Jon Lester was starting on three days rest. The Red Sox were talking about signing some random pitcher to win them the play-in game the next day.


And while it all seemed so wrong, for what this team is this year, it was perfectly correct.

The 2011 Red Sox are not a team we have ever seen before. They are a $160M fraud. Not even the New York Yankees of any year has ever been this team.

This team has zero chemistry. Every camera shot of the dugout showed a group of people in Red Sox uniforms sitting around, some on the fence watching intently, but very few actually talking.

The old time “dirt-dog” days are over. There are few players other than Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis willing to grind out any play, get sweaty and dirty and limp to the dugout only to return to the field the next inning.

Instead we have a center fielder who, while having an amazing offensive year, DROPS a catch at the wall in a crucial game Tuesday night, a left fielder who misses a catch to cost the team the game on the last night of the season, and pitchers who simply accomplished nothing productive in almost a month and a half.

Theo Epstein went out and spent like a drunk sailor on players mostly to keep them off of the Yankees line-up. While everyone has wanted Adrian Gonzalez for years, he quickly turned around and brought in Carl Crawford to which everyone in Boston let out a light “yay” and then questioned how he fit into this lineup.

Radio stations buzzed for months asking why Crawford was signed, though expectations and dollars were high. Seemingly, Crawford never fit into this lineup, being moved through almost every spot in it. He never seemed to gel on the bench or in the clubhouse. And we have six more years of this!

John Lackey is a similar story. Even fans never accepted him as a starter here. Two seasons later and I still see the halo on his hat. His inability to ever accept that he had a bad outing along with the fact that I have never seen him speak with anyone else NOT telling him to leave the mound is disturbing.

We could continue to go down the list but you get it. There is no heart in this team. No drive, no determination, no reason to win.

So I ask you, Boston baseball fans. Why should you care? Why should you spend your hard earned money on tickets, $9 beers, $25 t-shirts emblazoned with the name of players who will be gone from the roster next year?

This is NOT the Red Sox of pre-2004. Those Sox had heart, determination, and pride. They simply found ways to lose and there was something loveable about them.

This team is an over-paid fraud and should be held liable.

3 Responses to “The Great $160,257,476 Fraud, Your Boston Red Sox”

  1. Beau Mallard says:

    Well said. They should absolutely be held accountable and big time changes need to be made. It’s interesting…I think it’ll be hard to draw the line in how I support them. If they make smart moves and the team changes its mindset, that’s a good start, but I love baseball and it will be hard to just not watch, even though I’ll know there’s a good chance following them is foolish. I don’t want to be fair-weather, but I also don’t want to be a blind fool, missing the writing on the wall.

  2. Gary says:

    Well said?……….Really? Can’t even get the payroll right so that alone makes the story a load……….Just saying!

  3. Craig Leger says:

    Gary, I hope the new title works better for you. Every last penny accounted for. Now that the logistics have been handled, they’re still a fraud.

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