Red Sox Stepping Back From the Ledge

Red Sox Stepping Back From the Ledge

The start was not what we were expecting.  It was looking like a disaster, the pitchers weren’t pitching and the hitters weren’t hitting.  The Sports Radio talk shows were hammering on the panic button and fans began to get that “next year” feeling some six games into the season.

And then something clicked.  The Sox took two of three from their arch nemesis, a move only Luxbet Sports Betting probably saw.  Dustin Pedroia and Jed Lowrie, the little engine that could and the unlikely hero, started carrying the offense.   Now the Red Sox begin to claw back to .500, only slightly higher than Lowrie’s batting average.

Not all is well quite yet for the club, however.  First is the catching situation.

Saltalamacchia seems incapable of handling Beckett and Matsuzaka.  His throwing is questionable, to put it delicately.  Varitek is old now and may as well just concede every stealing attempt the other team makes.  Both of the catchers look completely overmatched at the plate.

Carl Crawford also still worries me.  He seems to have started coming out of the slump over the past couple games with a homer amongst his four hits over the past two games.  Crawford has long been in the AL East, and he’s incredibly talented, so there’s no way this thing will go on for much longer, but we’ve seen him on the verge of a breakout before only to regress so I’m not going to crack the champagne just yet.

Finally, Adrian Gonzalez has had a rather mediocre start.  This has been largely forgotten in the storm of Crawford’s struggles, but Adrian is batting .280 as of last night with a measly single home run.  He’s better than this.  It may take him as while come out of this, he’s getting used to the big market of Boston, and the dominant pitching of the AL East, not to mention he’s coming off major surgery, but I have all the faith in the world that he’ll launching balls over the most with regularity any day now.

Yes, the Sox have one several games lately, and yes, the biggest problem, the rotation, seems to have come around beautifully.  But the fact of the matter is that until the Sox hit consistently with runners in scoring position, the catcher is able to throw out basestealers, and Crawford and Gonzalez live up to their expectations, this is only going to be a very good team. Not the great one they are capable of.

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