Finally Meeting The Celtics (And Why It Kinda Sucked)

Finally Meeting The Celtics (And Why It Kinda Sucked)

This NBA season I’ve had the an amazing opportunity. I was given press credentials to cover the Washington Wizards. It’s been a great experience to cover basketball and the league up close and personal. Watching games from the press table, talking to coaches and players after games, and discussing the sport with fellow writers has given me a perspective of the game unlike any other.

Of course I had a certain date circled: January 22nd, when the Celtics would come into town to play the Wizards. I was excited at the opportunity to see the Celtics and get a chance to talk about the game with them afterwards.

Unfortunately the game didn’t go the way the Cs would of liked, a surprise loss to the Wizards.

To lose a game to one of the bottom dwellers of the NBA isn’t a very pleasurable experience. Walking into the Visitor’s locker room wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped.

The players in the locker room went about their business as if they just lost a pet. Dejected and frustrated, reporters were very hesitant to ask questions. After I asked KG the first question about the game there was a long awkward pause- something that never happens during a media scrum. When I asked a follow up question on Boston’s defense in the last quarter, KG brushed me off with a, “next question.”

Another thing that never happens. He must of been pissed.

Now I don’t consider myself a reporter and I didn’t walk in there as a fan boy with an all-access pass. I always treat my interactions in the locker room with respect and professionalism.

It was just a little disappointing for me that they weren’t in the mood to talk. Then again they shouldn’t of been.

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