New Decade, New Era for Patriot Fans

New Decade, New Era for Patriot Fans






Ok, sorry. I feel better now.

What in the hell was that?!

In a game that was a 60 minute version of the final minutes of Super Bowl XLII and the opening minutes of Wild Card weekend ’09, Tom Brady and Co. pulled yet another premature exit from the 2010 playoffs with a 28-21 loss to the “arch-rival” New York Jets.

I refuse to spit numbers at you because the only good ones have “J-E-T-S” next to them. I won’t rattle off the scoring drives. I won’t even talk about this game specifically except to say that it was completely obvious two minutes into the game that the Patriots would not be winning. Brady’s sulking on the sideline after a single failed drive was a sight Pats fans have seen before and know doesn’t usually end well.

With the Jets moving on to the AFC Championship for the second straight year, this time against the Pittsburgh Steelers, I will be planning my newly impartial Super Bowl betting at Sports Interaction. And you better believe I am rooting for a Pittsburgh and Green Bay Super Bowl. Literally.

(Sidebar: One thing I did notice as this weekend progressed was that all of the teams that had won as of the end of the Green Bay vs. Atlanta game were outdoor/coldweather teams. No domers, no teams from south of the Mason Dixon. Just northern, snow-blowin’ teams doing it during a wild winter season.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

So, Boston fans, I know how you are all feeling. It’s an ugly feeling that is becoming all to regular around here.

Think about it.

The Brady Bunch have now given us the following seasons:

2007: We know how that one ends.

2008: Brady goes down 12 minutes into the season. Matt Cassell leads the team to a 11-5 season, miss playoffs.

2009: Brady Returns! New England trusts it will be a revolution! Woops, there’s Ray Rice four seconds into Wild Card weekend.

2010: No hopes for the season, maybe a .500 record expected. Oh, wait, Welker’s ok? 14-2 it is! And now this.


Well folks, 29 days until Red Sox pitchers and catchers report!

In the meantime, enjoy the Celtics’ hopeful run at Banner 18. Their recent history has mirrored that of the Patriots as well (See: NBA Championship 2010; Game 7) and hope that we do not have to deal with this feeling again so soon.

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