What’s In a Name?

What’s In a Name?

“Boston sports fan”

How overrated is that title these days?

Maybe it is my age, maybe it is my new busy schedule, or maybe it is that successful teams… get boring after a while…


But when it comes down to it, 4SB has been near silent all Summer and I will take the blame, but I am ready to bring this site back into the game. I will expect the Red Sox to follow right behind me.

Come on guys, right this way!

The era of sports in Boston is in a strange place right now. We just finished watching (an entire month ago, and yes the World Series just began tonight) a Boston Red Sox team that the media and NESN shoved in our faces due to lack of interest, interest not deserved in 2010. The Patriots are 5-1 in a season where few even believed that they could finish first in their division (the Jets =, as much as I hate to say it, still look like the better team). The Bruins are selling us on early season success but the great debate of Tuukka or Timmy along with the holes in the lineup left by Sturm and Savard (or what is left of them) leave many questions to be answered in the coming months. Lastly, the Celtics. Somehow they found a way to raise their average age by at least three years after last season but two games in, the team doesn’t look much different from last year.

So, today, everyone in Boston is drawn in by one team or another. Had the stolen brainchild of Mark Zuckerburg been invented sooner, Facebook statuses in 2003-2006 would have been Red Sox related nine times out of ten, in September, January, or May. But in 2010, Celtics Opening Night was bigger than the possibility of finding Whitey. People are actually talking about the Bruins and admitting they are headed to games and that they know players’ names. And even though the Patriots were busy winning numerous Super Bowls in the early half of the decade, the Kraft family has put this team and stadium on the map as one of professional sports’ most elite franchises.

It is easy to be a fan here in Boston, but what makes you a fan?

The “Pink Hat” era has brought on a fine line between the real fan and the non-fan who is in it for the sake of being involved. Personally, I am ok with both classes of fan. Think about it. If there weren’t “pink hat” Patriots fans, home games would be blacked out by the NFL for not selling out. If there weren’t “pink hat” Bruins fans, there would only be 50 “real” Bruins fans watching and even that may be a stretch. If there were not “pink hat” Celtics fans, there may be no reason for Gino. The Red Sox likely would have become the Kansas City Royals had they not had a “pink hat” crowd to buy up their tickets.

So, why do I ramble about all of this?

4SB has basically been quiet for 6 months. We inexplicably had to cut the cord on a very successful podcast in “Sox Talk”, we lost touch with our hundreds of friends on Facebook and Twitter, and most importantly, we lost touch with our readers and fellow blogger friends. But we are back. It may be a long road to return to the regular awesomeness that we were at seven months ago but we will be there again soon and you can say that you were here when it happened. We are back because we are true fans of the sports, teams, and the city of Boston.

Thank you to all of our readers and friends old and new and welcome back. We missed you.

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