Rigged Fan Contest with Ray Allen

Rigged Fan Contest with Ray Allen

Celtics Fan Loses Rigged ContestToday 4SB got in touch with local Celtics fan who we had a rough experience with a local contest that Boston radio station WAAF was running at a local Dunkin Donuts. Like most people you’ve probably seen some of the noise about it on Twitter. I had seen tweets going around all day yesterday with some pretty bold words, “Fan gets screwed by Ray Allen” “WAAF Lies To Contest Winner” and then several people were saying things like “Dunkin Donuts employees aren’t racist but their contests are!”

You are probably just as curious as I was when I saw the headlines. Read on to hear about how one Celtics fan was expecting to win big and instead lost opening night tickets and the chance to play against Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics.

4SB: Hey Brian, I hear you went out to the Celtics/Dunking Donuts/WAAF event yesterday in Waltham. What happened?
BRIAN: Yes, unfortunately I did go. It was a very strange situation and I’m not sure what to think of the 3 mentioned companies anymore…

Let me tell you what happened.

They were doing this Iced Coffee promotion for Dunkin Donuts and the objective was to be caught cold. I was literally one of the first people there and was paying close attention to everything going on.

After a while the event starts and they are selecting people being “caught cold” drinking ice coffee to participate in a few round of foul shots to see who will face Ray Allen for the tickets later.

A bunch of kids are in the first 2 groups. I pass and don’t bother playing in those games, it would be no fair for a 90% high school foul shot shooter to play vs 8 year olds.

So, finally I see an opening when people my age are playing. I get “caught cold” and end up in the 3rd group. There really wasn’t a ton of people drinking iced coffee and trying to be seen so it wasn’t really hard to get in.

4SB: Did you win the first round in your group of 5?
Yep, I made 4 out of 5, and won my group. They told me to stand off to the side and I’d be facing Ray Allen later in a showdown with other winners from the 4 other groups. We were all standing off to the side together talking about how cool this was going to be. Texting friends, etc etc.

4SB: So what happened? Did you play vs Ray Allen?
BRIAN: Nope!

4SB: Why not?!?
BRIAN: Ray finally showed up, after a lot more people were there and then suddenly all of the event people were much harder to get near… cops were around not letting us back in the area they asked us to stand, and the overall feel had changed in a weird way…

Next thing I know Ray is up there and they are announcing who is going to be playing vs Ray in the game of knockout for the tickets. The first 2 people got introduced and they started mentioning a bunch of info about them, info that I didn’t give about me… I was asked what city I was from and what my age was but that was about the extent of it.

So, 5 people go up, wearing these white jerseys (I didnt have a white jersey, I just had a special green shirt from winning round 1) and of course I wasn’t one of those people… My first thought was that something shady was going down but I didn’t want to believe it.

4SB: Wow… so what happened next?
BRIAN: I figured that maybe they were doing 2 different things. Maybe they were doing this for the commercial they had been talking about or something like that. I was trying to find a reason to not believe that I just got shammed.

Fast forward 20 minutes, me sitting around hoping that they were going to call us up too, but nothing.

4SB: So you didn’t get to play vs Ray, didn’t get any tickets and were totally left hanging dry?

BRIAN: Yep, we did finally get a “We are using these guys” from one of the event people implying they changed their minds or something.

4SB: I would have been pissed and started yelling pretty loud.
BRIAN: We tried that too, but it was so loud hundreds of fans at this point and the WAAF announcer on the Mic… nothing we could really do. Plus the cops wouldn’t let us anywhere near the event holders at this point.

4SB: You mentioned something about discrimination/racism?
BRIAN: Here’s the real kicker…

The majority of the winners from the first round of 5 games… were 20s something white males.

The group they brought in was a completely balanced racial group with different ages and genders.

4SB: Yah, you’re right that does some like reverse discrimination or something. I’m going to post this story on the blog, they need to take responsibility and settle the score with you somehow. Did you try contacting them?
BRIAN: It was a lesson learned about what happens in the real world. It’s just unfortunate when it’s your favorite sports team of all time involved in a scandal like that. I honestly don’t know if I can remain a Celtics fan or ever go to Dunkin Donuts again at this point. I’ve sent the story out to several news organizations and blogs. I feel like people deserve the truth and that’s more important to me than getting free tickets. Plus, it shouldn’t be me ringing them to get the score settled.

4SB: You posted a longer version of the story at your blog is that correct?
BRIAN: Yes, I maintain a marketing blog of my ramblings at DailyConversions.com and yes it does have a very very detailed account of yesterday 😉 (Click Here for the direct link).

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  1. James Griswold says:

    Brian – welcome to the real world. This was a commercial for Dunkin Donuts. Why did you not expect to see the PERFECT mix of contestants? Why did you think you would be playing Ray when you knew only 5 would be picked and there were a lot more FIRST round winners than 5? Why are you so negative against the Celtics when DD was running the show? Live life, Brian – it is much to short to be so negative. You still wake up each morning and get a chance to change every day you want to change. Life is not fair, but you can be.

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