It's a Rondolution!

It's a Rondolution!

It’s Sunday, we’re coming off of a HUGE Game Three win by the Celtics and they are looking at the possibility of a sweep tomorrow night, right here in the jungle.

In the meantime, Rajon Rondo has created quite a bit of a name for himself on the national level finally. There have been an uncountable amount of moments this post-season where I have found myself jumping around on the couch as if I were on the bench of an And-1 streetball game. Those moments have all come with the ball in Rondo’s hands.

Between his stellar thieving skills, his Buckingham-esque english skills, and his ability to see 360 degrees with his eyes close, it’s time for the RONDO REVOLUTION!


Let’s celebrate by watching some Rajon entertainment. Here are some of my personal favorite Rondo YouTube videos!

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