Michael Finley Coming to the Celtics

Michael Finley Coming to the Celtics

If you had told anyone five-or-so years ago that Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rasheed Wallace, and Michael Finley would all be on the same roster, and their jerseys being green, they would have laughed you right out of your shoes. That’s not possible. Those players would run you over $100,000 alone and you still have no point guard.

Not here at “Ye Olde Boston Retirement Home”. Also known as the “TD Garden”.

Seriously. The Boston Celtics signing Michael Finley surely fills up one of the two spots on the bench that I spoke of last week. The acquisition falls very much in line with what the Celtics have done in recent years with players like P.J. Brown and Sam Cassell.

At the time, having Brown and Cassell coming off of the bench made total sense. These guys were total mentors to the team as they found themselves with new-found respect and success. Hopefully, Finley will be able to bring that same assistance here in 2010.

Michael Finley adds to the depth as a guard-forward. There is no doubt about that. But are the Celtics just digging their swiftly-aging hole faster?

Check out Finley’s career stats of interest. He is clearly on his way out but the Celtics tend to love that in a late season signing and the veteran minimum that they are being rumored to be giving him doesn’t hurt the situation either.


The one thing that they are doing is bringing in another guy that fits right into the mentality. A veteran leader who loves to shoot threes.

As ESPN’s Chris Forsberg noted via Twitter, right after news broke about the imminent move, “ Michael Finley has averaged 14.8 points per game in 10 career games at the Garden… 11 of 35 3-pointers (31.4%)”. This, I do not take much stock in. A whole 10 career games over a span of 15 seasons isn’t exactly what scientists call a “controlled sampling”… or something.

But of course, Forsberg did bring some a good “story point” to the table and brought up the question of whether or not the current newest Celtic, Nate Robinson, should give up his number four to Finley. I really hope that the answer to that is a “no” because Nate has been ecstatic about getting that number here in Boston and in all honesty, how much of Finley will we really see on the court? However, Finley has worn that number throughout his entire career.

Finley wearing green will certainly be an interesting sight and may take some getting used to but what he will bring to the bench and this team will certainly be fun to watch. A backcourt of Finley and Robinson would have never been in any basketball fan’s mind but if anyone could make it work, it would be the Celtics.

One thing is for sure, with this team heading into an offseason with a lot of empty roster spots and little money to work with, the younger guys on this team should have all of the information and knowledge that they need to succeed in this league in the long run. Having mentors like Sam Cassell, P.J. Brown, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Michael Finley, and Rasheed Wallace is experience that most players could only dream of.

So, welcome to Boston Michael Finley! We hope that you can bring your “A” game and help to push this team toward Banner #18!

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  1. Mike says:

    God. Look at those numbers, you basically see it like, Rookie->Experiences->Old figures we get him when he is turning out 8 ppg.

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