BREAKING NEWS: Celtics trade for Nate Robinson

BREAKING NEWS: Celtics trade for Nate Robinson

The Boston Celtics have reportedly completed a trade to acquire Nate Robinson from the New York Knicks according to multiple sources. The rumors have not given a viable option for what the Celtics will offer to the trade.

More to come later in the day.

According to Newsday’s Alan Hahn via Twitter: alanhahn: “Nate Robinson trade with #Celtics done, I’m told. Getting details now….. #Knicks #NBA”

This, coming on the heels of a tweet from Nate himself where he quoted Eminem’s song “When I’m Gone”: “nate_robinson: N wen I’m gone just carry on don’t mourn rejoice every time u hear da sound of my voice(word aapp)”

Former Boston favorite and now NY media central figure, Tina Cervasio has confirmed: “MSGTina: YUP! RT @cvas KryptoNate to Celts? Is it true? RT @alanhahn Nate Robinson trade w #Celtics done, I’m told. Getting details now.#Knicks #NBA”

Yahoo is stating that things are not yet complete but let’s go with “They are”: WojYahooNBA: “Knicks and Celtics still talking on Nate Robinson-Eddie House, three sources say, but may not be a deal until tomorrow…. “D’Antoni wants House, and (Boston) really wants Nate, so everyone is motivated here,” one source told Y! Sports.”

A. Sherrod Blakely from reporting: sherrodb: “Nate Robinson deal close to being completed. Has yet to get approved by the league’s attorneys. Should be completed sometime today.”


alanhahn: Nate trade not “official” but done – and @WojYahooNBA says may not finalize until tomorrow – but sounds like it is House/2nd Rnd pick.”

Update: 2:56pm: alanhahn: Let’s start over. Source says Nate-to-Celtics is “close” but no specifics yet can be confirmed. Everyone gets a free punch to my P90X abs.”

Update: 3:52pm: Terrence Williams, NJ Net and friend of Nate Robinson stating: TheRealTWill: “@Nate_Robinson to the celtics wordaapp new York fans don’t be maddddd the coach didn’t play him so on to the next one worrrd aaaapp congrad”

4pm: Haha! Woops! WojYahooNBA “The NBA has fined an unspecified team for announcing a trade before its official completion and has warned the others via memo.”

More to come!

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  1. Mike says:

    Did we give up House for this!??

  2. Craig says:

    According to our Twitter friend @celticshub: “House and 2nd-rounder doesn’t work under CBA. Needs more/third team.”

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