Three Day Boston Sports Drought: Five Ways to Stay Informed

BostonSportsLogosNot sure if you noticed over in the column on the right here but there are no professional sports going on in Boston for the next three days. THREE DAYS?!?

Yes, three days.

So what is a Boston sports fan to do over these three days of complete boredom as even prime time television gets swamped with the Christmas specials rather than new episodes of our favorite sitcoms and dramas? I am here to help you figure that out.

Over the next three days there are certainly any number of things you could do. Maybe you could use this time to make up for the hours that your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/goldfish has been harassing you for not paying enough attention to them enough for. Eh, probably not, so here’s some things you can do to keep your mind on the prize and expand your Boston sports network with your free time:

1. Check out some of the blogs around these here interwebs. Boston has some of the most diehard fans and the bloggers are the best example of that. It is the group of writers NOT featured on WEEI, CSN, NESN, etc that are the new backbone to Boston media.

Here is a list of some of our favorite Boston sports blogs right now: CelticsBlog (Celtics), FenwayWest (Red Sox), Fire Brand of the AL (Red Sox), Townie News (Red Sox & Patriots), LOSCY (Celtics), North Station Sports (Celtics), Red’s Army (Celtics), Sports Fan 4 (all four, including some extracurriculars), Something’s Bruin (Bruins), Surviving Grady (Red Sox), Yankees Fans Suck (Red Sox), along with the rest of the blogs/sites listed in our blogroll.twitter_logo


I know, I was reluctant at first too. Even when I started mine, I linked it to the 4SB Facebook page so I didn’t even have to go onto Twitter but holy crap! Twitter makes sports fans just as informed as anyone with a press pass. You have guys like Peter Gammons, Pete Abraham, Ed Price, Dan Roche, Jorge Arangure, Ken Rosenthal, Gordon Edes, Ian Browne, and Mike Reiss all shooting Tweets out from places like the Winter Meetings, phone calls with Scott Boras, drafts, owners’ boxes, sidelines, etc. How much closer can the regular sports fan get?

Well, you could follow some of the athletes as they Tweet directly too. Some of my favorites are Chad “Hachi Go” Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals, Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks, Ray Allen of OUR Boston Celtics, Chris Douglas Roberts of the NJ Nets, Shelden Williams of OUR Boston Celtics, J.R. Giddens of OUR Boston Celtics, and Paul Pierce of OUR Boston Celtics.


3. Head over to and grab up on some their awesome gear to help fill out your Christmas/holiday shopping. Make sure you use the 4 Sport Boston promo code “4SB” to get free shipping on any order over $25!


4. Make sure you read up on the road ahead for your sports teams as the next couple weeks will be busy ones. The Sox are right in the thick of their off season moves as we saw just yesterday. The Patriots are clinging onto their playoff lives and have a tough battle in Buffalo this weekend with an AFC East rival that looks much different than last time we saw them. The Celtics are on a red-hot 11-game win streak and have a tough trip starting on Christmas in Orlando, followed by a West Coast trip to the Clippers, Warriors, and Suns. The Bruins are looking forward to the big Winter Classic game on New Years Day and are trying to continue racking up points on the way to the playoffs.pod-logo-300x300

5. Catch up on the 4SB Podcasts.

While you can listen to them here each Thursday, your best option to continue listening and making sure you don’t miss any is to Subscribe to us on iTunes!

Hopefully we helped you to keep your mind sharp during an otherwise quiet week. Undoubtedly the radio stations will be trying to drum up some excitement with more Moss talk or Theo bashing. But now you know how to steer clear of the negativity and spread your Boston sports intake 100-fold.

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